Stand 129 is part of „Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien“, a non-profit organization with the objective of relieving the distress of people effectively and providing social services. The organization is operating a wide range of activities: e.g. retirement care, facilities for the handicapped, social assistance, houseless aid, foreign aid, refugee and migrant relief. The target group are people in distress, regardless of religion, political attitude and ethnic group. Since 2007 Caritas Wien also sets up Community Arts projects. Stand 129 is one of these institutions and is placed on a market site in Vienna’s 10th district.

Stand 129 has become an easy and low-threshold contact point for many newly arrived refugees since 2015, because the market is used not only to buy food, but also to get contacts and information. The artistic and cultural programme of Stand 129 reaches from concerts and movie nights, choir, singing, or theatre workshops and video projects to collective cooking and German courses lead by volunteers. All of these offers are open to everybody and the wide range of activities makes it easy to join and get in touch with others.

The main target of Stand 129 is to build bridges between different (migrant) communities, autochthonous Viennese inhabitants and newcomers with the help of art and culture. Hands on activities make it possible to experience art as active part of social live. Hence, the strategic partnership LALI gives us yet another possibility to think two categories together that are usually seen apart: Language learning and art.

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